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Thermal Protection

Catalog Number Description List Price
Manual Reset Thermal Protectors
20410L30L180 Manual Reset Thermal Protector, 130C Rated CALL
Automatic Reset Thermal Protectors
SL-11-110 Kit of (3) 9700K-36-146 Thermal Protectors, 110C Rated CALL
SL-11-120 Kit of (3) 9700K-01-146 Thermal Protectors, 120C Rated CALL
SL-11-130 Kit of (3) 9700K-11-146 Thermal Protectors, 130C Rated CALL
SL-11-135 Kit of (3) 9700K-06-146 Thermal Protectors, 135C Rated CALL
SL-11-145 Kit of (3) 9700K-76-146 Thermal Protectors, 145C Rated CALL
P401-M155 Thermistor, Type Q63100, 130C, Single Sensor, Blue/Blue Wire CALL
P426-M155 Thermistor, Type Q63100, 155C, Single Sensor, Blue/Black Wire CALL
P401-M335 Thermistor, Type Q63100, 130C, Triple Sensor, Blue/Blue Wire CALL
P426-M335 Thermistor, Type Q63100, 155C, Triple Sensor, Blue/Black Wire CALL

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