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DC Motor Repair

With literally decades of experience, DC equipment repair has become a specialty at Jenkins Electric. We service a wide variety of industrial customers and also provide services to other motor repair centers.

220 KW Exciter Armature for an Electric Utility generatorclear.gif (43 bytes)DC motors and generators introduce additional complexity into the repair process. The addition of (1) a commutator with brushes, and (2) rotating armature coils subjected to centrifugal force are factors not involved in typical AC repair.

New Field Coils for an elevator motorclear.gif (43 bytes)2500 HP, 1200 RPM DC motor for repairclear.gif (43 bytes)









The following procedures and tests are used at Jenkins Electric to ensure top-quality DC machine repair:

Conductive carbon dust left by worn brushes is cleaned from the armature; then each commutator is checked for grounds and bar-to-bar shorts with detailed electrical testing.
Technicians repair most commutator problems in-house. For severely damaged or non-repairable commutators, we have several excellent sources for fast delivery of custom manufactured replacements.
Coils are manufactured in-house to assure proper fit. This eliminates constant bending and shaping during installation which can damage coil insulation.
Proper banding is critical in DC repair. This ensures that windings are held in position during high-speed operation.
Field coils are checked using voltage drop testing. Bad fields and interpoles are rewound in our shop on custom-made forms.
TIG welding is available to eliminate soldered joints where design dictates.
All commutators at Jenkins Electric are turned, undercut, and chamfered to provide the best possible surface for brush contact.
For corrosive or other severe duty environments, commutator platinum plating is available to extend wear life.
Neutral setting adjustments are made during final machine testing to insure proper operation.

Rebuilding DC armatures for critical applications

2i18RM.jpg(21761 bytes)clear.gif (43 bytes)Elevator maintenance companies are very particular about who services their elevator motors - and for good reason. Jenkins Electric repairs a majority of these motors for all elevator companies in this region.

A technician installs form coils in the armature with coil leads fitted to the commutator (left). Coil leads are then soldered or welded into place.


clear.gif (43 bytes)After multiple dip and bake varnish cycles, the commutator is turned in a lathe to remove worn brush tracks and other surface irregularities
clear.gif (43 bytes)Mica insulation between each commutator segment is undercut using a special, high-speed saw
clear.gif (43 bytes)Each commutator segment is hand-chamfered as "fine tuning" for smooth, trouble-free brush contact

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